Monday, May 5, 2008

love hurts....

Things I've just learned in life....."In this world, it's hard to tell who's true and who's not; people may be good at d beginning and be cruel in the end.
if they know you're weak, there’s a possibility that they will hurt you; they can make you fall in love but after loving them back; they can leave you… psychological human attitude often occurs that people isn’t much interested with the food on their own plate. Never allow somebody to be your priority when in fact you're just his option. It just feels so good to fall in love but be sure you’re ready to shed tears because most of the times, it hurts. Cowardly manner it may seem, but for sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, it is still wiser not to have that person back again.. =’(

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labophmayn said...

di ka nmn siguro adik noh?hahaha infairness natatawa ako sau.anyway aabangan ko ang kasunod ng love hurts.